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The Last Kids on Earth Series, Book 1
Cover of The Last Kids on Earth Series, Book 1
The Last Kids on Earth Series, Book 1
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A New York Times and USA Today bestelling series, with one and a half million copies in print!"Terrifyingly fun! Delivers big thrills and even bigger laughs."—Jeff Kinney, author of the #1 New...
A New York Times and USA Today bestelling series, with one and a half million copies in print!"Terrifyingly fun! Delivers big thrills and even bigger laughs."—Jeff Kinney, author of the #1 New...
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  • A New York Times and USA Today bestelling series, with one and a half million copies in print!
    "Terrifyingly fun! Delivers big thrills and even bigger laughs."—Jeff Kinney, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    Ever since the monster apocalypse hit town, average thirteen year old Jack Sullivan has been living in his tree house, which he's armed to the teeth with catapults and a moat, not to mention video games and an endless supply of Oreos and Mountain Dew scavenged from abandoned stores. But Jack alone is no match for the hordes of Zombies and Winged Wretches and Vine Thingies, and especially not for the eerily intelligent monster known only as Blarg. So Jack builds a team: his dorky best friend, Quint; the reformed middle school bully, Dirk; Jack's loyal pet monster, Rover; and Jack's crush, June. With their help, Jack is going to slay Blarg, achieve the ultimate Feat of Apocalyptic Success, and be average no longer! Can he do it?
    Told in a mixture of text and black-and-white illustration, this is the perfect book for any kid who's ever dreamed of starring in his or her own comic book or video game. And then grab the rest of the series, now a New York Times bestseller!


  • From the book

    chapter one

    That's me.

    Not the giant monster.

    Beneath the giant monster. The kid on his back, with the splintered bat. The handsome kid, about to get eaten.

    Forty-two days ago, I was regular Jack Sullivan: thirteen years old, living an uneventful life in the uninteresting town of Wakefield. I was totally not a hero, totally not a tough guy, totally not fighting giant monsters.

    But look at me now. Battling a gargantuan beast on the roof of the local CVS.

    Life is crazy like that.

    Right now, the whole world is crazy like that. Check the shattered windows. Check the wild vines crawling up the side of the building.

    All of these things are not normal.

    And me? I haven't been normal, well, ever. I've always been different. See, I'm an orphan— I bounced all over the country, different homes, different families, before landing in this little town of Wakefield in December.

    But all that moving, it makes you tough: it makes you cool, it makes you confident, it makes you good with the girls—it makes you JACK SULLIVAN.


    Almost got a monster fist to the skull there.

    I'm at CVS because I need an eyeglass repair kit—those little tool sets that dads buy for when their glasses break. I know, that's a lame thing to need. But I have a walkie and that walkie is busted and to fix that walkie, I need a really really really tiny screwdriver and the only place to get a really really really tiny screwdriver is in an eyeglass repair kit.

    This was supposed to be a quick, easy trip to CVS. But one thing I've learned about life after the Monster Apocalypse: nothing's quick and nothing's easy.

    This monster here is the foulest, most ferocious, and just plain horrible thing I've encountered yet. He's straight-up—

    Yikes! The monster's massive fist pounds the roof until it cracks like thin ice. I trip, tumble back, and land hard on my bony butt.

    It's time to stop being this monster's punching bag. See, I've kind of been the world's punching bag for a while and y'know—it just ain't a whole lotta fun.

    So I'm fighting back.

    I get to my feet.

    I dust myself off.

    I grip the bat in my hand. Not too tight, not too loose—just like they coach you in Little League.

    Only I'm not trying to hit some kid's lousy curveball. . . . I'm trying to slay a monster.

    Well, basically, he triumphs.

    The monster's massive hand snatches me out of midair. I'm a thimble in his gargantuan grasp.

    I try to grab hold of my baseball bat blade (aka the Louisville Slicer), but the monster's crushing grip pins my arms to my sides.

    He pulls me in close to his face. Thick saliva, like slime, oozes down his lips. His eyes scan me over and his gaping nostrils flair as he inhales my scent. I feel like that blonde babe in King Kong. Only I don't think this beast wants to hug me and love me. . . .

    He sniffs some more, blowing my hair back as he exhales. I turn my face. His breath, it's just—wow—my man here needs to floss.

    I've encountered other freaky beasts over the last forty-two days, but none like this. None that examined me: looking me over, smelling me, studying me.

    None that felt this terrifyingly smart. I have a sick feeling in my gut—a sense—something that tells me that this beast here is 100% pure, beyond beyond EVIL.

    A smile seems to creep across the monster's face. A sinister smirk that says, "I'm not simply some primal thug. I'm a monstrous villain, a great evil, and I will...


  • DOGO Books jake07 - This book is about a boy named Jack and he's adopted by these people who really didn't like him that much and just wanted him to do work. They lived in a neighborhood and his friend lived on the other side of town. Jack had a tree house and he had to kill zombies so he took an old baseball bat and put spikes on it to kill them. They had walkie talkie's but Jack's broke so he needed to find a little kit to fix it. But there was a gigantic monster he had to kill. But he didn't kill it and it picked him up and then he stabbed it with his baseball bat in the eye. There was a bully in school before the zombie apocalypse. He lived in the woods and bullied Jack and his friend. Jack and his friend got a car and made it zombie proof and they could drive over zombies and kill them. They found the bully in a parking lot and he used his fists to kill zombies. He was a really big tough guy. All three of them teamed up to try to get to the school because Jack wanted to save a girl that he liked. They camped out in a tree house and got supplies. There were other monsters they had to fight along the way. They got the girl finally. There was giant zombie ball that went straight at them. They ran and finally got away from the zombie ball. But the girl didn't need saving because she was just fine. They got her to come back with them. And they killed zombies. This book was really good and I really liked it. They went around killing zombies and making new friends but was also kinda hard.
  • Publisher's Weekly

    Starred review from August 3, 2015
    Thirteen-year-old Jack Sullivan may be the world’s last survivor in this terrifically funny illustrated novel from Brallier (Galactic Hot Dogs) and Holgate (the Case File 13 series). When a “Monster Apocalypse” comes to the town of Wakefield, some escape, others are “zombified,” and still others—Jack hopes—are in hiding. As a foster child, Jack has had his share of hard knocks, so he tries to take his situation in stride and with wisecracking humor. With a tree house refuge “that’s better-defended than Fort Knox, Stark Tower, and the X-Mansion combined,” Jack searches for sustenance, other living people—especially his best friend Quint and his dream girl June—and weapons to fight hideous monsters and undead neighbors. Holgate’s b&w cartoons (not all seen by PW) mix splatter-and-slime-heavy action sequences with humorous character profiles (a portrait of a “winged wretch” points out the creature’s “huge, hooked talons like a freaking velociraptor”), all playing into Jack’s gamified take on post-apocalyptic life. Snarky end-of-the-world fun. Ages 8–12. Author’s agent: Daniel Lazar, Writers House. Illustrator’s agency: Shannon Associates.

  • Kirkus

    Starred review from August 15, 2015
    It's been 42 days since the Monster Apocalypse began, and 13-year-old Jack Sullivan, a self-proclaimed "zombie-fighting, monster-slaying tornado of cool" is on a quest to find and rescue his not-so-secret crush, June Del Toro, whether she needs it, wants it, or not. Jack cobbles together an unlikely but endearing crew, including his scientist best friend, Quint Baker; Dirk Savage, Parker Middle School's biggest bully; and a pet monster named Rover, to help him save the damsel in distress and complete the "ULTIMATE Feat of Apocalyptic Success." Middle-grade readers, particularly boys, will find Jack's pitch-perfect mix of humor, bravado, and self-professed geekiness impossible to resist. His sidekicks are equally entertaining, and it doesn't hurt that there are also plenty of oozing, drooling, sharp-toothed monsters and zombies and a host of gizmos and gadgets to hook readers and keep them cheering with every turn of the page. Holgate's illustrations play an integral role in the novel's success. They not only bring Brallier's characters to life, but also add depth and detail to the story, making plain just exactly how big Rover is and giving the lie to Jack's "killer driving." The marriage of text and illustration serves as a perfect example of what an illustrated novel can and should be. Classic action-packed, monster-fighting fun. (Horror. 8-12)

    COPYRIGHT(2015) Kirkus Reviews, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

  • School Library Journal

    Starred review from September 1, 2015

    Gr 3-6-An apocalyptic monster attack has destroyed the town of Wakefield, leaving gigantic, slime-filled creatures in its wake. It appears that the entire population has been turned into zombies, except for 13-year-old Jack Sullivan. Jack is an abandoned foster kid trying to survive the catastrophe while living in a tricked-out tree house. In his daily fight for survival, which includes hand-to-hand combat using makeshift weapons, he locates two of his fellow students. One's a science geek, and the other's an oversize school bully. They unite to form a small army and set off to rescue a classmate they believe is trapped in their decimated school. The chapter book/graphic novel hybrid is fast moving and action packed. Loaded with outrageous devices such as a rolling ball of zombies, a revenge-filled creature with bad eyesight called BLARGH, and a monster-dog name Rover, this book provides loads of laughs. The characters are fully developed and honest in their adolescent interactions. Yet what sets this story apart from the typical gross-out fare is how these modern-day action heroes work through their emotions, which include love, loss, and extreme fear. Dynamic pencil sketches add to the hilarity. For readers looking to make the transition from chapter books to graphic novels, this is a foolproof initiation. VERDICT A gross-out good time with surprisingly nuanced character development.-Sada Mozer, Los Angeles Public Library

    Copyright 2015 School Library Journal, LLC Used with permission.

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The Last Kids on Earth Series, Book 1
The Last Kids on Earth Series, Book 1
Max Brallier
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The Last Kids on Earth Series, Book 1
The Last Kids on Earth Series, Book 1
Max Brallier
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